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    Greetings, Traveler!
    Borderlands 2, and Borderlands, too.
    Resources: Gearcalc 2.0| Wikia| PCGW
    Skill calculators: kuqumi| 87b
    Official skills: Salvador| Maya| Axton| Zer0| Gaige| Krieg
    BL1: Gearcalc| BBG| Part Spotters
    BL2: DLC Guide
    Chat channel:IRC| Webchat
    Rules and Frequently Asked Questions
    Please read our FAQ, which summarizes our group policies and consolidates common resources.
    In particular, unprovoked personal attacks will warrant an indefinite ban. No questions asked.
    The FAQ (hosted in the wiki) also answers common questions about the game, and lists useful resources beyond what will fit into this sidebar.
    PC players may join our Steam group.
    Console players can coordinate with this spreadsheet. The previous effortsuccumbed to vandalism.
    Co-op reddits: /r/borderlandscoop| /r/coopplay| /r/rdtclan| /r/playdate| /r/playdateEU
    When seeking co-op partners here, don't forget to mention your platform, PC, Xbox, or PS3: you can add suitable Flairto your post title, or simply [Tag] if you'd like. Timezone (for schedule) and geographical location (for lag) can also be significant.
    SHiFT Codes
    What's this all about?
    Previous SHiFT codes: ORCZ Tracker
    Mikeyface fan club
    His first AMA- Scooter speaks!Second appearance hereRead his book for free, or buy it for nearly freeon Kindle

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