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    Dye your hair no matter what kind of used hair dye or the corresponding products, are generally toxic aromatic chemicals, long-term use might be interested in the hematopoietic system to produce adverse effects on the body. salomon shoes Pregnant women may even lead to fetal malformations in vivo, the light can cause dermatitis, itching, skin irritation, ulcers and so on. So, for health, should minimize the number of hair or without hair, natural is the most beautiful. There are some people who used hair dye and perm chemical potions have allergic reactions that may cause rash spots, dizziness and other symptoms. Moreover, whether or hair dye perm syrup, the words are easy to clean up improperly blocked hair follicles, causing hair loss phenomenon occurs, solomon shoes potions and perm hair dye residue on the scalp will cause direct damage to the scalp. Thus, perm, hair color can not only damage the hair, but also easy to damage the hair follicles, resulting in a large number of hair loss, hair loss caused phenomenon. Today, many young people are keen fashion pierced, but also by the traditional pierced earlobe extended to the ear, ear cartilage and other places clouds. For the cheaper plans, most people would choose to go to the mall or a roadside salon pierced. However, risks resulting. Pierced ears will pierce the skin, if the tool unsanitary, it may be infected AIDS and hepatitis B and so on. In the ear, tragus cartilage and other places there are holes, can easily cause infection, severe cases can cause cartilage necrosis, deformation, ears atrophy, and even induced facial nerve paralysis.

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