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    Previously may be so, but now men and women derailment to the fact is the same: grass is always greener. Derailed always bad, but this makes more sense to do bad things like to try. But women prefer to use this kind of interface: Anyway, the other half do not care about me, me "qualified" to enjoy a dew Love. We will only give yourself before buy lipstick, cut a new hairstyle or something, now spend man. However, women have become more affordable than men derailment or because women are more likely to feel guilty. But since studies have shown that women lie stronger, so a woman does not derailed the greater the likelihood of being caught up. nike shox That men liked to engage in his own bed is kind of a female friend misunderstood. Most men feel disloyal to find a little further derailment, to save trouble. On the contrary, psychologists believe it is female talent always secretly looking forward to the friendship can develop into an affair. They always bet a lot of friends of the opposite sex feelings, but keen to test the development of this relationship can become love affair than it is now I have a better relationship. So, to find a woman dating is often true soul mate, and men, just for the fun of it.

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