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    This is the dragon pot with me through the long years, spent a lot of cold winter. I did not think of it as an antique, though I reckon come to its age than my grandfather still bigger. I just put Long pot as faithful waiter, because I want to drink a few mouthfuls of tea on it is always very enthusiastic. When I write, it is always abundant experience, pretentiously squatted my desk; when I can not write away labor, it will be covered with cold, crouched inside a glass case, became my daughter's toys, her daughter often to her classmates, "Xianbao" because it can mouth of the dragon tongue. To the early Cultural Revolution Four Olds, lacoste outlet I would let the dragon to the heap of broken pot hiding in the corner. The whole family to the countryside to go, I put it with a broken jacket wrap, and some small pots, small pieces of wood, etc. packed in a wicker basket. This wicker basket as I moved several times, a full twelve years are not enabled. Because the basket are some tough times ahead does not need, farmers are using water bowl, how to use the dragon pot? Until I return to Suzhou, and there housing when, and only then open wicker basket, put my pitiful stuff took out. Redwood Penjia already damp fall apart, dragon pot is intact, but there are musty. I put it rub some, re-injected tea, Winter summer possession, as always.

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