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    Developments beyond Cowen is expected that one day he counted chickens suddenly found less one, then panic ran Richard home, he found that chicken really is in a cage, which also hung a sign : regardless of good chicken again, I'll kill it. Kids Jordan Retro 9 Shoes In White Orange Cowan picked up the chicken, looking for Richard theory: "I only occasionally sneak chicken your home, you are that revenge?" Richard gas is not one to play: "They dare to destroy, I'll start!" quarreled for a long time before they give up. After that, let the chicken or Cowen Richard family's yard to run wild. Richard has made ​​no complaint can be too. Until one day early in the morning, Cowen ready to go, suddenly heard Richard's daughter cried: "I found in the bushes 3 eggs!" Richard responded by saying: "Do not make a fuss, these days our family to eat eggs since all picked. "Cowen hear real, immediately put up chickens in the yard circle, Kids Jordan Retro 9 Shoes In White Red and then let the chicken slipped Richard home. For the mistakes of others, more effective than the accused, is to make him realize the error of their hazards, voluntarily to correct.

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